Founded in Poland in 2017 by the international team of professionals: Oleksandr Khoruzyn (UA), an expert in beauty business, brand and marketing management, Fouede Zabaiou (FR), an expert in IT, digital and social media and MD Ph.D. Joanna Kubicka (PL), physician and medical expert in STI treatments and author of several scientific publications. 3 unique profound expertise united for improvement of men’s well-being with brave and innovative projects.

The first element of makeitisi startup is makeitisi SMART CLINIC FOR MEN.

Its mission is to promote SMART lifestyle among men by providing them access to unique and innovative health and beauty services and products answering local and global trends of modern men's needs.

The first makeitisi SMART CLINIC FOR MEN was opened in Warsaw (PL) in October 2017 with the unique range of services and business model which doesn't have an analog in the world. Our clinic answers in a SMART way with advanced solutions to the situation on Polish health and beauty market.

Our first brave initiative was connected with activation of our Sexual Health Department.

The situation with HIV infection in Poland is one of worst in the European Union. More than 70% of HIV infected people do not know their status. The dynamics of HIV infection spread is alarming. Without access to official PrEP many Polish citizens started to order PrEP online from various suppliers, without a prescription and medical control.

We developed deeply this subject from August 2017 and in October 2017 thanks to our efforts and support of our partners makeitisi made its first revolution by making PrEP available and accessible for everyone in Poland.

We are the first private medical office providing access to PrEP - pre-exposure prophylaxis of HIV infection together with professional medical care since Nov'17.

Our professional medical team of specialists with more than 20 years of experience in HIV and other STI treatments provides complete medical services related to access to PrEP treatment and full control of patients health during its usage with respect to international, European and Polish requirements and standards. Professional patients care programs were developed by MD Ph.D. Joanna Kubicka.

Our activities in this direction quickly created movement in Poland and fast implementation of this the most effective preventive strategy of HIV prophylaxis. After our breakthrough, we see fast development of medical offices around Poland offering PrEP. This important preventive strategy of HIV infection - one of the most dangerous diseases of XX and XXI century is now affordable for the majority of Polish citizens, especially those who belong to the high-risk group of getting HIV infection.

We believe that this first important initiative of makeitisi will help to improve the situation with HIV infection spread in Poland and contribute greatly to decreasing the number of new HIV infected people in Poland. This initiative will also help to stop illegal distribution in Poland of unofficial PrEP medications sold online without a prescription and medical supervision from Asia and other regions.

From 28.12.2017 we are introducing first in Poland PEP - postexposure prophylaxis of HIV treatments in Poland.

We are the first in Europe medical office providing psychological help for chemsex and social media addiction.

Until now we are doing all this big job by ourselves at our own costs.

We are not granted or supported by any Foundation or Polish or EU organization.